The Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding (IFGTB) is a national Institute established in April 1988 under the Indian Council of Forestry Research (ICFR). A multi-faceted research Institute primarily aimed to carry out research to improve productivity of forest tree species through conventional breeding programmes and biotechnological interventions. Mainstream research carried out by the Genetics and Biotechnology divisions is supported by Silviculture, Seed technology, Protection (Entomology & Pathology), Agro-forestry and Bio-diversity divisions.



1.  To undertake and promote forestry research, education and extension, leading to scientific and sustainable management of forest resources.

2.  To provide scientific advice to the central and state governments  aiding  informed  decision  making  in matters  of  national  and  regional  importance  and international commitments and to address  forestry research needs.

3.  To carry out research and extension in forestry with focus on development of new varieties, management and silvicultural techniques to maximize productivity of natural and planted forests under different ecological considerations and changing environment, especially through  scientific   breeding   programmes,  bio-technological interventions and silvicultural applications

4.  To develop and manage forest genetic resources (FGR) for conservation and sustainable utilization.

5.  To undertake research for development of mitigation and adaptation strategies in forestry sector to meet the challenges of climate change.

6.  To undertake biodiversity and ecological assessments for development of site specific conservation strategies, restoration and rehabilitation of degraded and fragile eco-systems.

7.  To carry out research for development of eco-friendly products  for  various  applications  through  bio-prospecting for sustainable use of forest resources.

8.  To  develop  extension  strategies  to  increase  the accessibility and affordability of improved varieties and other products and conduct socio-economic studies including market research, economic valuation and other related aspects.

9.  To undertake research and knowledge management on various aspects of forests, viz., forest soils, invasive species, forest fires, insect pests and diseases and restoration and rehabilitation of degraded and fragile ecosystems.

10. To provide technical assistance and material support to states, forest dependent communities, forest based industries, tree & NTFP growers and other stakeholders in their forestry based programmes for conservation and sustainable use of forest resources.

11. To develop, upscale, disseminate and share appropriate technologies to end-users through innovative extension strategies and capacity building programmes.

12. To undertake all such activities as necessary, incidental and conducive to attainment of the objectives of the Council.


Core Research Areas:

The Institute is involved in active research in the following areas:

1- Genetic Improvement

2- Planting Stock Improvement

3- Genomics

4- Clonal propagation

5- Productivity and nutrient cycling

6- Integrated disease and pest management

7- Seed Handling and Seed Testing

8- Bioprospecting

9- Ecorestoration

10- Conservation


Geographical Jurisdiction:

The following States and Union Territories are the jurisdiction areas of the institute:

Tamil Nadu


Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Lakshadweep Islands



Key Achievements: (Click on link to view detail)

1 - Research 

2 - Extension

3 - Education

4 - Others


Ongoing Projects

Completed Projects


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