The Division of Forestry Statistics was created to provide input to the forestry research of ICFRE apart from conducting research in the area of statistical applications in forestry and environmental research. The mandate of the division is:

1- To act as hub to the institutes/centres of ICFRE of statistical support in their research work. This includes vetting of experimental and sample designs and statistical techniques to be used in various research projects of ICFRE and provide support in analyzing data generated from research activities.

2- To conduct research into statistical aspects of forestry by adapting existing, and developing new, statistical techniques for forestry research

3- To create and maintain databank of statistics pertaining to the forestry sector and disseminate these by way of statistical reports and publications’

4- To conduct trainings for building statistical capacity of researchers of ICFRE

5- To conduct independent research in important areas of forestry like valuation of ecosystem resources


New Initiative

Presently, the division is engaged in

1- Preparation of Forestry Statistics India, A compendium of official statistics of the forestry sector of India

2- Preparation of Forestry Sector Report India – 2018(funded by MoEF & CC, GoI)

3- Conducting two training programmes

(i) Refresher course in Statistical Methodologies

(ii) Advanced statistics (Multivariate analysis)

4- Developing reference material on Statistical Methodologies in Forestry and Environmental ResearchThere are almost 3000 records of statistical jobs carried out since 1947. The archives available are being studied and digitized for the researchers. In addition to digitization, the records are being converted into Technical Documents of various disciplines of forestry research. These would be of use as reference for research design and analysis.

5- Determining trends in trade of forest products

6- Statistical ReportsThe Division is in possession of statistics pertaining to the forestry sector for the last twenty years. In addition to this, the data on India’s forests previously collected by the Directorate of Economics & Statistics, Ministry of Agriculture is also available. The division has initiated preparation of reports covering the analysis of important parameters of the forestry sector and trends present. Some examples of the reports being prepared are International Trade, Plantations, Timber Production, etc.





Dr. Rajiv Pandey
Head & Scientist 'E'
Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education
Phone: +91- 135- 2224811 (O)    2752150 (R)
E-mail: pandeyr[at]icfre[dot]org


Sh. Anoop Singh Chauhan
Asst. Chief Technical Officer
Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education


Sh. Sudarshan Singh
Asst. Chief Technical Officer
Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education



Division of Forestry Statistics
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