Forest Research Institute Dehradun

March 2016

1- Studies on Taxonomy of the family Eulophidae (Hymenptera: Chalcidoidea) present in National Forest Insect Collection (NFIC) except Doon Valley

2- Biology of hispine Bamboo borer- Estigmena chinensis Hope (Coleoptera : Chrysomelidae) damaging green standing bamboo and its management

3- Studies on diversity of egg parasitoid wasps Trichogramma spp. From Punjab and Haryana and their application in biological control of important forest insectt pests

4- Development of agroforestry models in degraded land of Punjab and Uttarakhand

5- Study on performance of treated timbers (ZiBOC, CCB & CCA) and their natural durability in cooling towers

6- Studies on working quality and finishing aspects of Melia composita

7- Studies on performance of ZiBOC treated imported wood in different agro climatic conditions

8- Development of composites of lops and tops of Melia composita

9- To develop medium density fiber board (MDF) from lops and tops of popular

10- Development of suitable model for enrichment of selected Medicinal Plant Conservation Areas (MPCAs) of Uttarakhand Himalayas.

11- Allelopathic potential in regeneration of Sal (Shorea robusta) forests

March 2017

1- Digitization of Herbarium (Dehradun Herbarium) of Forest Research Institute./-5 years

2- Rare and endangered species - AICP on inventorization, characterization and conservation strategies of selected rare and endangered speices of India

3- Phytochemical screening of selected wild edible plants for exploration of new sources of Luteolin

4- Process refinement for extraction of quality fiber and optimal isolation of bioactive constituents from Agave sisalana

5- Utilization of Pinus roxburghii needles for value added products

6- Structural studies and utilization of Acacia tortilis gum exudates

7- Prospecting fungal resources for development of natural dye

Tropical Forest Research Institute Jabalpur

ICFRE Funded Projects


1- Status of sal heartwood borer, Hoplocerambyx spinicornis Newman and its management.

2- Studies on insect biocontrol agent, Chrysoperla carnea and its potentiality as insect predator.

3- Collection of germplasm of madhuca indica J. F. Gmel for identification of best sources in Chhattisgarh through phytochemical Evaluation.

4- Evaluation of Schleichera oleosa (Kusum) fruits for their nutritional value and development of value added products for economic development of local people.

5- Standardization of processing and storage techniques of Malkangni (Celastrus panuculatis), Baheda (Terminalia belerica) & Baividang (Embelia tsjeriam-cottam) fruits/seeds.


6- Studies on effect of introduction of honey bee on seed production in teak seed orchards.

7- Studies on the causes of Gmelina mortality in plantation of Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and its integrated management.

8- Genetic improvement of Dalbergia latifolia Roxb. through selection and evgaluation of germplasm in central India.

9- Sub-project 1:- Survey and selection of plus trees and establishment of progeny trials of Dalbergia latifolia.

10- Sub-project 2:- To refine existing micro-propagation protocols of Dalbergia latifolia for production of improved planting stock.

11- Collection and morpho-molecular characterization of critically endangered Litsea glutinosa germplasm from Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.

12- Standardization of the techniques for germination, collection and maintenance of maximum viability of four important tropical species: Bridelia retusa, Sterculia urens, Boswellia serrata and Saraca indica.


Externally Funded Projects


1- Development of Silvi-Agri-Medicinal and Agri-medicinal systems in Vidharbh region of Maharashtra

2- Population dynamics of threatened medicinal plants species growing in Buffer and Transition zone of Tadoba National Park

3- Studies on harvesting time of some medicinal plants for their natural antioxidant constituents


4- Studies on variation in reserpine content in some high yielding genotypes of in vitro and seedling raised Rauvolfia serpentina Benth

2017-18 (as on September 2017)

5- Study on indigenous knowledge and documentation of extent of utilization

6- of herbs in folk medicine prevalent in tribal pockets of Madhya Pradesh

7- Formulation of biofertilizers consortium and their distribution to forest department


Arid Forest Research Institute Jodhpur


1- Studies on the effect of MPOWER programme on mitigation and adaptation towards climate change in Western Rajasthan- Udaipur AFRI-09/FE/Ext(SFD-Rajasthan)/2013-15.

2- Documentation of biological diversity of sacred groves of Rajasthan for improvement management and people livelihood.AFRI-09/FE/Ext(SFD):Raj/2013-15.

3- Documentation of important research findings and technologies for application to forestry in Rajasthan AFRI-8/FE/Ext(SFD)/Raj.

4- Study cum survey to assess the demand and supply of medicinal plants in India. (ICFRE Co ordinate Project)

5- Identification of extent of forest land in forest fringe village (AFRI/FED/NRAA/2011-16).

6- Carbon stock and soil classification mapping for Rajasthan Forests.

7- Documentation of important research findings and technologies for application to forestry in Rajasthan (AFRI-08/FED/SFD-Raj/2013-17).

8- Documentation of sacred groves of Rajasthan and assessment of biological diversity in some of them for improved management and people livelihoods. (AFRI/FE/SFD-Raj./2016-2017). (II Phase)

9- Species evaluation for landscaping and restoration of degraded Aravalli hills at IIM campus, Udaipur (AFRI-13/FED/IIM, Udaipur/ 2014-17).

10- Development of tissue culture technology for multiplication of economically important desert plant- Salvadora persica (AFRI- 92 /FGTB/ICFRE/2009- 2015).

11- Study of salt tolerance through gene expression pattern analysis. (AFRI-102 /FGTD/ICFRE/2010- 2015).

12- Screening of high oil and Azadirachtin in Neem (AFRI-34/FGTB/ICFRE/2002-2016).

13- Development of technologies for multiplication of economically important desert plant Caparis deciduca. AFRI-105/FGTB/ICFRE/2010-16.

14- Assessment of variability, improvement and refinement of cloning techniques of Tecomella undulata (sm.) Seem. (AFRI-04/FGTB/ICFRE /2012-17).

15- Utilization of biotechnological tools for clonal propagation and supply of genetically superior trees of Neem, Ardusa and Bamboo. (AFRI-06/FGTB/SFD-Guj./2013-17).

16- Innovative approaches for augementation of composting and biofertilizer production in hot arid regions. (AFRI-111 /FPD/ICFRE/2011- 2015).

17- Studies on seed insect pests of indigenous and exotic forest tree species and to develop IPM package for major insect damages in Gujarat.(AFRI-107/GCR/SFD-Guj./2011-15).

18- Integrated management of Khejri mortality for socio-economic upliftment in Rajasthan. (AFRI-99 /FPD/ICFRE/2010- 17).

19- Tapping the potential of some selected indigenous lesser known wild edible plants for food and nutrition in arid and semi region. AFRI-110/NWFP/ICFRE/2011-16.

20- Investigations on genetic variation and inheritance of Western Indian teak (Tectona grandis L.f) (AFRI-94 /Silvi/ICFRE/2009- 2015).

21- Productivity studies and modelling growth and yield in teak plantation in Gujarat State. AFRI-96/Silvi/JBIC/2009-2016

22- Impact of Prosopis juliflora on biodiversity rehabilitation of degraded community lands and as source of livelihood for people in Rajasthan State. AFRI-104/AFED/ICFRE/2010-2016

23- Refinement of modern nursery practices for raising quality seedlings and selected important forest tree species & arid and semi arid areas. AFRI-109/Silvi/ICFRE/2011-16

24- All India Co-ordinated project for genetic improvement of Melia composita. (AFRI/10/Silvi/ ICFRE/ AICP/2012-17).

25- Evaluation of antifungal potential and identification of broad spectrum antifungal compound from some tree/shrub/weeds of arid region (AFRI- 93 /AFE/ICFRE/2009- 2015).

26- Managing resources to enhance productivity of agroforestry system in dry areas of Rajasthan. AFRI-1/AFED/ICFRE/AICF/2012-2016



1- Assessment of Carbon Stock in Forest Types of Shimla Forest Circle, Himachal Pradesh

2- Study on the Influence of Climate on Bionomics of Pityogenes scitus Blanford (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in Himachal Pradesh.

3- Biology and Management of Insect pests of seeds of Juniperus polycarpos C. Koch and evaluating the insect-pests resistance performance in the nursery.

4- Taxonomy and molecular analysis (through RAPD-PCR) of moths (Lepidoptera) of Cold Deserts (Spiti and Leh) of Indian Himalayas.

5- Studies on Seed Germination and Longevity of Abies spectabilis (D.Don) Spach.

6- Development of Gene Markers for High Seed Oil Content and dissecting Molecular Basis of Female Flower Development in J. curcas Towards its Genetic Improvement for High Seed Yield.


1- Prioritization of Floristic diversity: Developing Conservation Strategies for Important Species in Shimla Water Catchment Sanctuary, H. P.

2- Plant Diversity Studies in Shikari Devi Wildlife Sanctuary of District Mandi, Himachal Pradesh For Long Term Ecological Monitoring

3- Survey and Mapping of Ashtavarga Group of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) in Himachal Pradesh

4- Determination of nursery and initial plantation requirements of Diploknema butyracea (Roxb.) H. J. Lam and Myrica esculenta Buch. Ham. under mid-hill conditions of Himachal Himalayas


1- High Altitude Transition Zones in Himachal Pradesh: Long-Term Studies to Assess the Effects of Global Warming.

Funding Agency: HPSFD under CAT Plan

2- Ethno-botanical Studies on Indigenous Medicinal and Aromatic Plants used by Local People of Chopal Forest Division, Shimla Forest Circle, H.P.

Funding Agency: HPSFD under CAT Plan

3- Production of Quality Planting material of Aconitum heterophyllum Wall. ex Royle, Podophyllum hexendrum Royle & Angelica glauca Edgew and Extension of their Cultivation Technology to Local Communities.

Funding Agency: NMPB, New Delhi

4- Creating awareness for revival, recharging, sanitation & hygiene of natural water resources through adoption of scientific intervention in Model Village Lanabanka, District Sirmour, HP. PI: Dr. Rajesh Sharma (September, 2014 - August, 2017).

Institute of Forest Productivity, Ranchi


1- Evaluation of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb. Clones for suitability in large scale clonal forestry in Gangetic plains and Chotanagpur Plateau [PI - Dr. Sanjay Singh, Scientist - F; PP- 2011-2016; Budget - `. 29.40 lakh]

2- Development of agro- techniques for organic cultivation of Tribulus terrestris L. and Cissus quadrangularis L.- medicinal plants extensively used in Traditional System of Medicine (Ayurveda, Unani and Chinese). [P.I- Dr. Malabika Ray, Scientist- D, PP – 3 years (2013 – 2016) & Budget outlay - `. 10.18 lakh]


1- Tree Borne Oil seeds (TBOs) in community lands for Improved Livelihoods of Vulnerable Groups of Jharkhand [PI - Dr. Animesh Sinha, Scientist – E; PP: 2012 – 2017; Budget outlay - `. 23.34 lakh]

Institute of Forest Biodiversity, Hyderabad


Internal Projects

1- The successional trends and productivity studies of Sriharikota (SHAR) and Pulicat lake Ecosystems for conservation of biodiversity Dr.G.R.S.Reddy (2013-2016)

2- Ecological diversity of Kawal Tiger Reserve in Andhra Pradesh – A bench mark study Dr.G.R.S.Reddy (2013-14)

3- Development of Agroforestry models in Wrightia tinctoria R.Br. and Gmelina arborea Roxb. as tree species in semiarid tropics of Andhra Pradesh. M.B.Honnuri (2009-2014)

4- Population genetics and phylogeography of Pterocarpus santalinus L.f., and its ex situ conservation through biotechnological interventions .Dr.S.Pattanaik (2010-2013)

5- Molecular assessment of breeding patterns in clonal seed orchards of Teak in Andhra Pradesh.Dr.S.Pattanaik (2011-2014)

6- Development of micropropagation protocols for production of superior germplasm of Dalbergia latifolia Roxb. and Pterocarpus santalinus L. f. Dr.G.R.S.Reddy(2009-2014)

External Projects

1- Raising of model nursery under the project of AP Medicinal & Aromatic Board. Phase – III Dr.G.R.S.Reddy (2014-15)

2- Raising of model nursery under the project of AP Medicinal & Aromatic Board. Phase – IV Dr.G.R.S.Reddy (2015-16)


1- Development of Agro-forestry Models for the various Agro-ecological Regions of India(1995-2000). PI:Dr. N. Pant. Funding Agency:NABARD

2- Strengthening and developing ICFRE (1995-2000) PI:Head FRCER Funding Agency:UNDP

3- Wasteland and Agro-forestry Development (1995-2001) PI:Dr. S. B. Singh Funding Agency:World Bank

4- Environmental Rehabilitation in Vindhyan Hills and Gangetic Plains (1995-2001) PI:Dr.V. K.Varshney, Dr. Anubha Srivastava, Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:World Bank

5- Productivity of Ecosystems (1995-2001) PI:Dr. Neeraj Pant, Dr. Amit Pandey Funding Agency:World Bank

6- Planting Stock Improvement Programme (1995-2001) PI:Sri Ganga Prasad, Sri B.S.Mishra, IFS Funding Agency:World Bank

7- Re-vegetation of Silica mining tracts through microbial technology at Vindhyan Range of Allahabad District (2000-2005) PI:Dr. K. Dubey Funding Agency:ICFRE

8- To study the socio-economic constraints to People oriented forestry programmes in Eastern Uttar Pradesh (2003-2005) PI:Sri V.K.Singh IFS Funding Agency:ICFRE

9- Research and development of TBOs (Tree Borne Oil Seeds) of forest origin viz. Jatropha curcas, Azadirachta indica and Pongamia pinnata.( 2003-04 ) PI:Sri V.K.Singh IFS Funding Agency:NOVOD Board

10- Development of suitable technology for artificial regeneration of Buchnania lanzan in eastern U.P. ( 2000-2005) PI:Sri G.Prasad Funding Agency:ICFRE

11- Development of Agro-forestry models for Eastern Uttar Pradesh (2007-2010) PI:Dr. K.Dubey ICFRE

12- To standardize the Nursery techniques of Selected Ficus species by using Different Bio-treatments (2007-2009) PI:Sri A.K.Pandey IFS Funding Agency:ICFRE

13- Development of commercially viable dye products from selected plants of North East region(2008-2011) PI:Dr. H.O.Saxena, Dr. Anubha Srivastav Funding Agency:ICFRE

14- Research and Development of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas) under National Network Programme (2004-2011) PI:Sri V.K.Singh, IFS, Dr. K. Dubey Funding Agency:NOVOD Board

15- To study the marketing mechanism of commercially important medicinal plants in selected districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh(2010-13) PI:Dr. B.K.Pandey Funding Agency:ICFRE

16- Demand-Supply gap analysis of important tree species of selected districts of U.P.for extension and afforestation programmes(2007-2010) PI:Dr. Anubha Srivastava Funding Agency:ICFRE

17- Quantitative and Qualitative Improvement of Flower, Seed and oil yield of Madhuca longifolia var. latifolia (Roxb.) (Mahua species) Chev. (Mahua species) in the Uttar Pradesh (2009-2012). PI:Dr. B.K.Pandey Funding Agency:ICFRE

18- Bio-remediation of Bauxite residue (red mud) generated from Aluminum industry by using blue green algae/ bio-inoculants (2009-12) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:ICFRE

19- To study the marketing mechanism of commercially important medicinal plants in selected districts of Eastern Uttar Pradesh (2010-2013) PI:Dr. B. K. Pandey Funding Agency:ICFRE

20- Phyto-remediation of water logged waste land through biodrainage and soil amendments (2010-2015) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:ICFRE

21- Development of site specific medicinal plant based agro-forestry models for existing plantations in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and establishment of demonstration model (2010-13) PI:Dr. B.K.Pandey Funding Agency:ICFRE

22- To Study the Timber Markets of Important Agroforestry Species in Eastern U.P (2010-13) PI:Dr. Anubha Srivastav Funding Agency:ICFRE

23- Primary Survey of Flora and Fauna at Meja Thermal Power Plant Submitted to Funding agency (2011) PI:Dr. Anita Tomar Funding Agency:NTPC Ltd.

24- Nursery techniques of Stereospermum suaveolens (2011-13) PI:Dr. Anita Tomar Funding Agency:ICFRE

25- Identification of Extent of Forest Lands in Forest Fringe Villages (Part project of FRI, Dehradun) (2011-14) PI:Head, FRC-ER Funding Agency:NRAA

26- Conservation and cultivation of economically valuable lesser known/less utilized fruits tree species and to determine possible chemical components present in fruits (2011-14) PI:Dr. Anita Tomar Funding Agency:ICFRE

27- Restoration of Sand Stone Mining Area of Vindhyan Region through Microbial Technology (2012-2017) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:ICFRE

28- Revisiting Forest types of India (Part project of FRI, Dehradun) (2012) PI:Head, FRC-ER Funding Agency:ICFRE

29- Socio economic Impact study on mining and mining policies on Livelihoods of local population in Vindhyan Region of U.P (2014-15) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:NIITI Aayog

30- Development of Melia dubia based agroforestry system for different agroclimatic zones of eastern Uttar Pradesh (2014-2017) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:Council of Agricultural Research, Lucknow (UPCAR)

31- Bioremediation of Bauxite Residue(Red Mud),a waste product generated in Alumina Industry through Integrated Bio-solid Microbe(IBM) Combinations(2015-2020) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:MoEF&CC

32- Assessment of Suitable Clones of Eucalyptus for Promotion of Agro forestry in Eastern.U.P. (2016-21) PI:Dr. Anubha Srivastav Funding Agency:ICFRE

33- Poplar based Agro forestry in Eastern U.P. (2017-2020) Anita Tomar UP, CST

34- Introduction of Agro forestry Technology in Eastern Plain region of Uttar Pradesh for Development and Sustainability (2018-21) PI:Dr. Anubha Srivastav Funding Agency:UP,CST

35- High density plantation management for assessment of wood properties of coppiced material (Part project of FRI,Dehradun)(2018-21) PI:Dr. Anita Tomar Funding Agency:ICFRE

36- Bio-Restoration technology based on one manage and of Plant microbes soil interations for one restoration of degraded title (with collaboration of as Co-PI MNNIT) (2013-14) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:DBT

37- FDA Mid-term evaluation of the National Afforestation Programme (NAP) in the state of Uttar Pradesh (2006-07) PI:Sri A.K.Pandey IFS Funding Agency:MoEF& CC

38- CASHPOR-SIDBI Linked Trainings (2019-20) PI:Sri Alok Yadav Funding Agency:CASHPOR Micro-finance Varanasi

39- Rate of carbon sequestration in Bamboo and other associated shrubs and herbs in broad large forest sponsored by DST under Women Scientist Scheme (2009-11) PI:Dr. Kumud Dubey Funding Agency:DST

Centre for Forest-based Livelihoods and Extension (CFLE), Agartala


1- Monitoring and Evaluation of CAMPA Activities in Tripura for the year 2009-2010 to 2014-15 funded by Tripura CAMPA, Govt.of Tripura.

2- Evaluation of CAMPA activities under Tripura Forest Dept, Govt. of Tripura has been completed and the Evaluation Report submitted to the Nodal Officer Tripura CAMPA during the Financial Year 2016-17.

3- Identification of extent of forestlands in the forests fringe village- NRAA Project (Tripura)

4- StudyonpostfloweringregenerationstatusofMelocannabaccifera in Tripura(Under RFRI)

5- Awareness Meeting of Bamboo Nursery and Bamboo Plantation:

Institute of Forest Genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore


1- Development of methods for functional analysis of genes involved in salt tolerance in Eucalyptus

2- Selection and Evaluation of High yielding clones of Pongamia pinnata

3- Cytogenetic analysis of selected native tree species

4- Influence of Eucalyptus species on the natural enemies incidence on the gall wasp Leptocybe invasa

5- High-throughput multi environment phenotyping of mapping populations of eucalypts for adventitious rooting and wood property traits

6- Candidate Gene Association for identification of pulping trait markers in Eucalyptus tereticornis


1- Population structure, regeneration status and pollination ecology of Dalbergia latifolia and D. sissoides

2- Assessment of soil organic carbon under different land uses in Tamil Nadu

3- Mapping and monitoring of Casuarinas and Eucalyptus Plantations in Tamilnadu using RS and GIS

4- Selection of clones of Acacia auriculiformis with desirable stem form and wood properties for short rotation timber production

Externally Aided Projects


1- Butterfly diversity in relation to landscape changes in the Walayar Valley at Palakkad Gap in the Western Ghats

2- Development of mapping population in Eucalyptus for identification of QTLs linked with adventitious rooting wood property traits.

3- Development of an Inter-specific hybrid Corymbia torelliana x C.citriodora through control pollination: A Genetic Resource For Paper and Pulping

4- Production and testing of control pollinated eucalyptus hybrids with improved biomass and pulp yield to supporting industrial forestry in Tamilnadu.

5- Contributory factors in the establishment of Leptocybe invasa (Fisher and aLaSalle) on Eucalyptus plantations in Tamilnadu

6- New biocontrol opportunities for prickly acacia : exploration in India


1- Yield improvement and adoption of plantation technologies in bioenergy crops for increasing the potential of bioenergy production

2- New Biocontrol Opportunities for Prickly Acacia Exploration in India

3- Reclamation of laterite lands using beneficial microbe in Kasargode District.

4- Development of small Bamboo nursery

5- Study on Comparison of Natural and Plantation grown Red sanders Wood

6- Effect of elevated CO2 on active principles of commercially important medicinal plants

7- Feasibility study on Facilitation of Tree Nursery for Enhancing the Livelihood of Tribal Community in Tamil Nadu

Rain Forest Research Institute Jorhat


1- Study on diversity and dynamics of the soil seed bank in Nambor researcve forest, a tropical semi evergreen forest of Assam Funding Agency: DST

2- Studies on the diversity of soil borne entomopathogenic fungi in different land use system of North East India and their utility for the management of major defoliators of Gmelina arborea Roxb. and Aquilaria malaccensis Lamk. Funding Agency: ICFRE

3- Studies on the traditional knowledge of medicinal plants used by Nepali community in Assam and identification of important species for chemical analysis. Funding Agency: ICFRE

4- Assessment of diversity and carbon sequestration potential of above ground woody biomass of semi evergreen forests in Assam Funding Agency: ICFRE

5- Studies on Trichoderma strains inhabiting different forest ecosystem of North East India Funding Agency: ICFRE

6- A preliminary investigation on hypotrophy (dwarfing / stunting) of Lilium mackliniae Sealy. Funding Agency: ICFRE


7- Studies on soil profile attributes under forests and jhum lands areas of some selected sites of Nagaland state. Funding Agency: ICFRE

8- In vitro propagation of Vanda coerulea Funding Agency: ICFRE

9- Raising of planting materials of selected cane species and establish plantation in fringe villages of Assam and Mizoram to sustain rural livelihood. Funding Agency: ICFRE

10- Studies on the economically important diseases of medicinal and aromatic plants of Assam to develop management practices through organic approach. Funding Agency: ICFRE

11- Study on seed source variation for germination and seedling growth and establishment of seedling seed orchard of Michelia champaca. Funding Agency: ICFRE

12- Exploration of adhesive materials for incense sticks from the plant species. Funding Agency: ICFRE

13- Evaluation of forest fruits for the nutritional value and develop value added products for economic enhancement of the local people Funding Agency: ICFRE

14- Studies on ecological and ethnomycological aspects of wild mushrooms of Meghalaya. Funding Agency: ICFRE

15- Impact of Mikania micrantha Kunth. ex H.B.K. on microenvironment of native species in Bherjan-Borjan- Padumoni R.F., Dilli R.F. and Abhayapur R.F. of upper Assam. Funding Agency: ICFRE

16- Population genetic structure of Calamus species and influence of infectious diseases in Mizoram and Tripura, North East India. Funding Agency: ICFRE

17- Mycological investigations on diversity and ecological status of Bambusicolous macro-fungi in Upper Assam. Funding Agency: ICFRE

18- Establishment of Biomass equation for important tree species of Meghalaya Funding Agency: Forest & Environment Department, Meghalaya

Institute of Wood Science and Technology Bangalore


ICFRE Funded Projects

1- Evaluation of wood properties of Melia dubia of different ages from Southern India for finding suitability for various end products and development of value added products (AICP- 2012-2016). PI: Dr. S.K. Sharma

2- Nanocellulose filled starch based composites (2013-2016) PI: Dr. S.S. Chauhan

3- Chemical modification of Eucalyptus hybrid oil and development of fragrant Products (2013- 2016) PI: Mr. S.H. Jain

4- Development of coccinellids based biocontrol progmmes for the management of sandal scales and mealy bugs (2011-2016) PI: Dr. R. Sundararaj

5- Biomass, net primary productivity and shoot productivity of seven industrially important bamboo species in semi-aird and humid tropics of Peninsular India PI: Dr. Syam Viswanath (2013-2016)

6- Growth variability in Melia dubia plantations and seed germination studies (2011-2016) PI: Dr. A.N.Arun Kumar

Externally Aided Projects

1- Distribution, diversity and productivity of Dendrocalamus stocksii (Munro) in western Ghats of Karnataka (2013-2015) . PI: Dr. Syam Viswanath; Funding Agency: KFD

2- Seed behavior and effect of differential drying and temperature on vaiability of Mesua ferrea and Madhuca insignis –species of wet evergreen forests of Western Ghats (2013-2015) PI: Dr. Geeta Joshi ; Funding Agency: KFD

3- Growth assessment and genetic diversity of Melia dubia Cav. in Karnataka. PI: Dr. A.N. Arun Kumar (2013-2015), Funding Agency: KFD

4- Assessment of decay of wood in the forests and impact on methane release contributing towards climate change. (2013-2015) PI: Dr. A. Muthukumar, Funding Agency: KFD

5- New methods of chemical modification of wood for improving dimensional stability and durability PI: Dr.K.K. Panday; (2013-16) Funding Agency: CSIR

6- Standardization of extraction methods, evaluative and quantification of Halmaddi resin from Ailanthus malabarica DC (2013-2015) PI: B.S.Chandra shekar; Funding agency: KFD

7- Studies on hard substratum fauna in five major ports on the east coast of India (2012-2016) PI: Dr.M.Balaji, Funding Agency:NIO



ICFRE Funded Projects

1- Wood modification of Melia composita for improving its dimensional stability and durability. (AICP- 2012-2017) PI: Dr. K.K. Pandey

2- Liquefaction of Wood and value added products from the liquefied wood (2013-2017) PI: Dr. S.S. Chauhan

3- Vegetative propagation and silvicultural practices for selected tropical timber species for plywood and panelwood industries (2011-2017) Dr. Geeta Joshi

4- Refinement and standardization of protocols for in vitro propagation and genetic fidelity studies of micro propagated plants of two bamboo species Bambusa balcooa and Thyrsostachys oliveri (2011-2017) PI: Dr. Ashutosh Srivastava

Externally Aided Projects

1- Thermal modification of wood for value addition to plantation timbers. PI: Dr. S.R. Shukla (June 2013 to December 2016) Funding Agency: Punjab Forest Department

2- Assessment of wood quality variability in tree species prevalently grown in Punjab. PI: Dr. S.S. Chauhan (2013-June 2016) Funding Agency: Punjab Forest Department

3- Development of Natural Fiber Filled Thermoplastic Composites from Natural Resources available in the State of Punjab. PI: Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal, (2013-June 2016) Funding Agency: Punjab Forest Department

4- Establishment of demonstration plots and modern nursery for producing Quality planting stock of Santalum album and bamboo - Sub-component I of Punjab. PI: Dr Syam Viswanath (2013-June 2016) Funding Agency: Punjab Forest Department

5- Microwave assisted chemical modification of wood. PI: Dr. K.K. Pandey (2013-September 2016) Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi

6- Bio-thermoplastic composites: Evaluation of physical, mechanical, morphological and thermal properties. PI: Dr. Pankaj Aggarwal (2013 – Dec 2016) Funding Agency: Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi

7- Occurrence and diversity of entomopathogenic, Metarhizium in the soils of varied eco-climatic forest habitats of South India. PI: Dr. R. Sundararaj (2013-2016) Funding Agency: Department of Biotechnology.

8- Distribution, assessment and growth of Santalum album L., an important medicinal plant of Karnataka. PI: Dr. B.N. Divakara (2014-October 2016) Funding Agency: National Medicinal Plants Board – New Delhi

9- Suitability of fast grown species for wood polymer composites. PI: Dr. S.S. Chauhan (2016-February 2017) Funding Agency: Tamil Nadu Forest Department

Centre for Forestry Research and Human Resource Development Chhindwara


1- Comparative field performance of seedling and clonal planting stock of Buchnania lanzan Spreng.

Advanced Research Centre for bamboo and Rattan, Bethlehem Vengthlang, Aizawl, Mizoram


Following research projects have been completed by ARCBR :

1- Socioeconomic survey in all eight districts of Mizoram under the project titled “Identification of forest lands in the forest fringe villages” funded by the National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA), (2012-17).

2- Raising of planting materials of selected cane species and establishment of plantation in fringe villages of Assam and Mizoram to sustain rural livelihood (2013-17).”

3- Population genetic structure of Calamus species and influence of infectious diseases in Mizoram and Tripura of North East India (2014-17).