Conceptualized, designed, implemented the following applications/portal:

1- Online Office Records (Orders/MoM/Agendas etc.) System: From 1.12.2017 onwards, officer orders, notifications, MoMs, agenda etc. are being uploded on this portal and available to public with various search criteria.

2- Guest House Booking Portal : Guest houses of VVB Delhi, FRI, IFP, TFRI, HFRI, IWST, AFRI and ARCBR are available for online booking of rooms.

3- Information System for Secretary Office (Men-in-Position): Employees data is available for taking various reports by Secretary Office.

4- Annual Property Returns Portal: Employees are uploading their Annual Property Return on this portal and it is available on internet.

5- Pensioner database: ICFRE Pensioners data is avaible. Various options of uploading document of pensioners and search criteria are also available.

6- Fixed Assets Database and Application: Fixed assets data like scientific equipments, Office equipments, vehicles etc. of ICFRE and its institute is available on this application.

7- Complaint Management System: System is developed for FRI to lodge civil complaints.