Archive Office Orders & Circulars:

August  2011  to   31st December 2011


Order No. 34-25/2011-ICFRE, dated 28th  Dec. 2011  to streamline the functioning of Scientist Hostel / Guest House.    updated: 29.12.2011

Order No. 37-1/2006-ICFRE, dated 28th  Dec. 2011  to transfer Shri K. Rajgopal, Research Officer,  FRI, Dehra Dun to IFGTB, Coimbatore.    updated:  29.12.2011

Order No. 35-909/2011-ICFRE, dated 25th  Dec. 2011  to transfer Shri Ram Bahadur Singh, Research Officer, HFRI Shimla to FRI, Dehra Dun.    updated:  29.12.2011

Order No. 35-750/2011-ICFRE, dated 28th  Dec. 2011  to repatriate and relieve Dr. Rabindra Kumar, IFS (AGMUT:1984) from the post of DDG (Extn.), ICFRE in the afternoon of 31.12.2011.   updated:  29.12.2011

Order Handing over / Taking over of charge of the post of Asstt. Director General (RP), ICFRE Dehra Dun    updated:  28.12.2011


Order No. 35-326/2011-ICFRE, dated 27th  Dec. 2011  to repatriate and relieve Shri M.S. Garbyal, IFS (MP:1979) from the post of DDG (Admin), ICFRE in the afternoon of 10.01.2012.   updated:  28.12.2011

Order No. 32-63/2010-ICFRE, dated 23rd  Dec. 2011  to transfer and post Dr. Vishavjit Kumar, Scientist C FRI to Environment Management Division, ICFRE (Hq.)    updated:  26.12.2011


Order No. 35-798/2008-ICFRE, dated 21st  Dec. 2011  to relieve and repatriate Shri A.V. Mathai from the post of Finance Officer, IFGTB, Coimbatore w.e.f. the afternoon of 31st Dec., 2011     updated:  26.12.2011

Joining Report of Shri Rakesh Thapa, UDC, PF Division, ICFRE dated 20th  Dec. 2011   updated:  26.12.2011

Order No. 32-20/2009-ICFRE, dated 20th  Dec. 2011  that Dr. Vimal Kothiyal, Scientist-F & Head, Forest Products Division, FRI, Dehra Du will hold the additional charge of the post of ADG (RP), ICFRE   updated:  20.12.2011

Order No. 35-848/2010-ICFRE, dated 2nd Dec. 2011  for retain the services of  Shri S.K. Shanmugasundaram, IFS (TN:92) on the post of CF at IFGTB, Coimbatore till his deputation period is over or till further orders     updated:  07.12.2011

Order No. 35-287/97-ICFRE, dated 2nd Dec. 2011  for voluntary retirement of Dr. M.S. Negi from ICFRE service w.e.f. the forenoon of 01st January 2012   updated:  07.12.2011

Order No. 32-20/2010-ICFRE  for re-designate the Heads of the Centres as  Director    updated:  24.11.2011

Order No. 52-6/2010-ICFRE  for promotion of Shri Neelesh Yadav, Scientist B, FRI to the grade of Scientist C under FCS of the ICFRE Group 'A' Rules 2001    updated:  24.11.2011

Order No. 7-27/2007-DDO/Admin/ICFRE  for transfer of Smt. Sneh Lata Chauhan, Section Officer, Pension Cell, ICFRE as DDO in the Directorate of Administration, ICFRE    updated:  24.11.2011

Order No. 35-425/96-ICFRE  for Appointment of Smt. Neelu Gera, IFS (J&K:87) as ADG (PF), ICFRE (Hqr.), Dehra Dun until further orders.   updated:  17.11.2011

Order No. 35-791/2007-ICFRE for permit to Dr. Dharmendra Verma, IFS (MP:88) to join the post of Director, Directorate of Forest Education, Dehra Dun on deputation basis   updated:  17.11.2011

Order No.35-790/2007-ICFRE  to repatriate and relieve Shri S.K. Thomas, ACF (A&N Islands) from the post of DCF, TFRI, Jabalpur    updated:  17.11.2011

Order for appoint  Shri B.D. Joshi, Under Secretary, ICFRE as Nodal Officer for New Pension Scheme in addition to his own duties in ICFRE (Hqr.)    updated:  14.11.2011


Order for Appointment of Shri Sandeep Kujur, IFS (J&K:95), to the post of DCF on deputation in ICFRE (Hqr.)    updated:  08.11.2011

Office Order No.8.1/DG/ICFRE/2011, dated 30.10.2011 regarding in the absence of DG Shri M.S. Garbyal, DDG (Admin) shall exercise the financial and administrative powers of DG, ICFRE   updated:  01.11.2011

Order to relieve and repatriate Binay Kumar Mishra, DCF     updated:  31.10.2011

Order for Smt.  Neelu Gera, ADG (PR) will also look after the work of SLEM Project, ICFRE     updated:  31.10.2011

Order for Dr. Shailendra Kumar, selection in Lecturer of Botany     updated:  31.10.2011

Notification for the promotion to the Scientist 'E' to the Scientist 'F' under FCS of ICFRE  updated:  27.10.2011

Circular NO.55-12/2011/FRI-ICFRE, dated 20th Oct. 2011 regarding communication with the press    updated:  24.10.2011

Order for Appointment of Shri Aditya Kumar, Scientist B at RFRI, Jorhat     updated:  20.10.2011

Office Order for Appointment of Shri Naseer Mohammad to the post of Scientist-B    updated:  19.10.2011

Office Order for IFRIS / PIMS /Leave Application / 2.0     updated:  18.10.2011

Order for the  Scientists for Level-2  Assessment for in-situ upgradation to  Scientist  'F' and  Scientist 'G'     updated:  18.10.2011

Notification for the promotion to the Scientist 'D' to the Scientist 'E' under FCS of ICFRE  updated:  18.10.2011

Notification for the promotion to the Scientist 'C' to the Scientist 'D' under FCS of ICFRE  updated:  18.10.2011

Notification for the promotion to the Scientist 'B' to the Scientist 'C' under FCS of ICFRE  updated:  18.10.2011

Order for Creation of new division/cell/branches in each institutes  updated:  15.10.2011

Order regarding review of direct to consumer scheme  updated:  15.10.2011

Order of Shri H.P. Joshi, Driver from Directorate of Research, ICFRE to DG's Office, ICFRE  Dated:  14.10.2011

Corrigendum regarding grant of MACP in respect of Group 'B' and 'C' employees of  ICFRE  Dated:  14.10.2011

Order of two additional increments to the absorbed employees of the ICFRE  Dated:  14.10.2011

Order for appointment of Shri R.K. Acharya, DFO (Hqr.), Nahan Circle, HP to the post of DCF in ICFRE Dated:  14.10.2011

Order of appointment of Smt. Neelu Gera, IFS (J&K:87) to the post of ADG (Policy Research)  Dated:  14.10.2011

Report of Charge Handing / Taking Over for the Post of DDG (Admin), ICFRE Dated:  13.10.2011

Order of RTI Cell at the ICFRE under the supervision of Secretary, ICFRE, Dehra Dun  Dated:  13.10.2011

Order of Group 'B' and 'C' employees of ICFRE and its Institutes are granted financial up-gradation to the next higher grade pay under the MACP Scheme   Dated:  11.10.2011


Order of Shri Umesh Kumar, APFS (1990) appointed as DCF on Deputation in  ICFRE  Dated:  05.10.2011

Citizen Charter of ICFRE (HQ.), Dehra Dun  Dated:  09.09.2011

Notification of Rules for ICFRE Corpus Fund for establishment of "Chairs of Excellence"  Dated:  09.08.2011

Circular of DG,            ACR/APAR format of Group-A Scientists of ICFRE for the year 2010-11 vide order No. 40-1/2011-ICFRE (Vol-IV)  Dated: 14.07.2011

Creation of Networking for Knowledge Pool and Ginger Groups  Dated: 04.07.2011 

Direct  to Consumers Scheme   Dated: 04.07.2011

ICFRE Format Guide for Submission of Research Project Proposal


Format guide for ICFRE Project Completion Report 


वरà¥Â�षा वन à¤â�¦Ã Â¤Â¨Ã Â¥Â�सà¤â��धान सà¤â��सà¥Â�थान राà¤Å�भाषा à¤â�¢Ã Â¥â�¡ à¤â�°Ã Â¤Â¨Ã Â¥Â�नत à¤â�¢Ã Â¤Â¾Ã Â¤Â°Ã Â¥Â�यानà¥Â�वयन हà¥â�¡Ã Â¤Â¤Ã Â¥Â� समà¥Â�मानित

Note on wood users interactive meet and product exhibition on 23rd & 24th March, 2011 at IWST, Bangalore

Revised Budget allotment for the Financial Year 2010-11 under Plan (GC)

Combined Seniority List of  E&AO/PS/Controller Research Officers and Research Assistant

Out of Jurisdiction tour of Officials


Main Instruction regarding Rajbhasha Policy ( in Hindi)


Approved guidelines for testing and releasing of tree varieties and clones November, 2008


Revised Draft Transfer Policy for North Eastern Region


Accounting Manual on Double Entry System of Accounting


Guidelines for Release of Grants to Universities


Guidelines for Accreditation of Course Programme in Forestry (Under-Graduate/Post-Graduate Courses)


Rules for Junior / Senior Research Fellowship and Research Associate ship


Amended rules for JRF / SRF and Govt. of India guideline for taking up a full time assignment either in India or in foreign  country


Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) for ICFRE Group ‘A’ Scientists (Financial year April to March


Testing Fee for Wood and Wood Products


Rules of Consultancy


Recruitment and promotion Rules of Registrar, Controller,  Accounts Officer, Finance Officer, Establishment and Accounts Officer / Asstt. Administrative Officer