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Insect Database

Wood being an organic material is susceptible to the attack of many wood eating insects. Many insects live on the woody parts of trees and also in the timber right from the harvesting stage till they are made into structural materials and various products. The biomass by way of wood produced by timber yielding trees is reduced to up to 50% due to the attack of wood eating and wood dwelling insects. The most predominant group is Coleopteran insects. Insect borers belonging to the families, Cerambycidae, Bostrychidae, Lyctidae, Platypodidae, Scolytidae, Curculionidae and Anthrebidae attack timber during the storage and also after conversion. The termites belonging to Isoptera are also the well known group of wood eating insects. Lot of literature is available on wood eating insects of India. All the information are scattered and incomplete. No data is available on the wood insect fauna of secondary and exotic species. Hence collection of information from field studies was also made for getting a holistic picture of wood insects. It has become highly necessary for the users to possess a basic knowledge on the type of common insects, their identity, nature and extent of damage they cause to timber structures and also appropriate measures to manage them.

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Insect Database   

The insect database comprises of 2162 insect species including both indigenous and exotic, distributed among 84 families of 8 orders. The highest number of insects belong to the order Coleoptera. This database is an attempt to present the details of different insect species along with photographs of adults, other stages and also showing the damage they cause to wood/ timber structures. It is hoped that this database will be useful to all those involved in timber production and protection.