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Indian Wood Insect Database (IWID) is a Database on diversity of indigenous and exotic wood insects/pests in India. It is a knowledge based information system dealing with the diversity of wood yielding trees and their various details including the taxonomic status, properties, durability of wood etc. and the diversity of insects on wood of living trees, timber and in wood products and their taxonomic status, distribution, prevalence, intensity of damage, biological aspects and management measures. The database is made from authentic information in published literature, websites, collection data of specimens preserved in museums and laboratories of scientific institutes and also from field collection of wood insects through out India. List of wood insects- host plant wise or order and family wise can be retrieved in alphabetical order. The wood database and insect database are linked so that information can be accessed from either of them.

Best efforts have been taken to collect information of all known wood inhabiting insects in India, living /feeding on wood or associated with wood dwelling organisms. Though presumed that the list is exhaustive, there may be many more known insects not covered in this database. Hence the database is planned as an open ended one and contributions and suggestions from biologists are very much welcome. This Database is expected to grow use after use.

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Disclaimer :

All efforts have been made to make this database as informative as possible. We cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information in this database. Be aware that this database is still incomplete and may have some errors. The project team, the institutions involved (ICFRE, IWST, DSIR and MOEF), the reference books and contributing databases will not be responsible for any loss to any person caused by inaccuracy in the information available on this database. The information and photographs available in the database shall not be taken for authentic identification of any insect or wood species. Any discrepancy found may be brought to the notice of IWST.