Dr. O.K. Remadevi


Name:  Dr. O.K.Remadevi


Designation:  Scientist-F & Head of WBD


Qualification: M.Sc (Zoology– Entomology)  Ph.D. Zoology- Entomology


Area of Specialization:

  • Entomology- Pest Management (Bio-control, IPM ),

  • Sericulture ( silkworm and mulberry pest management, nutritional and hormonal physiology)

  • Forest Entomology

  • Wood biodeterioration

  • Timber Pest management

  • Mangrove ecology and insect biodiversity

Awards/Prizes/Special recognitions:

  • 1st rank holder in the M.Sc. Zoology (Entomology) examination conducted by University of  Calicut, Kerala in 1975.

  • Awarded TCTP Fellowship under ODA programme administered by British Council  for a Wood Technology Training Course in School of Agricultural and Forest Sciences

  • University of Bangor, North Wales, U.K., from 27.3.1995 to 31.8.1995. This included a Specialist Training Programme (25.7.1995 to 5.8.1995) at  Forestry Commission Research Stations, U.K.

  • Visiting scientist to the Department of Applied Entomology, Institute of    Phytomedicine, University of Hohenheim, Germany from 2-03.04 to 31.03.04 for interactions and proposing collaborative research in the field of IPM.

  • Invited speaker for Refresher courses for university lecturers,  IFS compulsory Training courses. RAC member for post graduate/ Ph.D students of different Universities.

  • Member of IUFRO working party on Entomology and Member of the Indian Academy of Wood Science and Chairman/ Rapporteur in many national and international conferences.

  • Referee for evaluation of research projects of other institutes and for research papers of journals

Major Scientific Contributions:

          With 27 years of research experience in the field of Entomology, particularly in the field of insect diversity, bio-ecology and pest management, more than 100 publications have been made.

During the service at the Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Mysore (CSB,Govt. of India) extensive research was carried out on silkworm/mulberry pests and their management, nutritional and hormonal physiology of silkworms  contributing to the sericultural research for the benefit of the silk industry.

           In the last 12 years, actively engaged in Forest Entomology research with special emphasis on Wood Entomology dealing with bark and wood borers of standing trees, felled logs, timber used in storage and wood based industries.  Notable contributions  are  in the field of management of tree and timber pests, particularly of  Sandal wood., Teak and  other hardwood species.

Work in mangrove entomology is a pioneering research on insect diversity  conducted for the first time in the mangroves of Indian mainland. A total number of 340 species of insects belonging to 122 families of 11 orders were recorded from the mangroves  of East and West coast.


Research Work: -

A.  ICFRE Projects completed:

  1. Studies on the insect pests of nurseries, plantations and natural forests and their control: 1992-2000.

  2. Studies on the insect pest problems of timber in storage, building materials and other structures and its control.1996-1999.

  3. Studies on biodeterioration of mangroves and coastal vegetation.

  4. Investigations on the insect pest problems of wood in packing cases and handicraft industries. 1999-2003. 

  5. Studies of termites  problems of trees and timber and development of termite testing facility.1999-2003.

  6. Investigations on the potential of medicinal and aromatic plants as source of botanical  insecticides. 2000-2004.

B. ICFRE Research projects in hand:

As Principal Investigator:

  1. Studies on entomofauna of mangroves of Karnataka, Goa and Andhra  Pradesh. 340 species of insects belonging to 122 families of 11 orders were recorded from the mangroves  of east and west coast for the first time.

  2.  Studies on teak heartwood borer  Alcterogystia (cossus) cadambae moore and its management”   The damage levels and extent of occurrence of the pest were assessed initially and   studies on life history of the pests were conducted by carrying out  laboratory rearing. Rearing on artificial diet was standardized. 

As Project Associate: 

  1. Impact of disturbance on canopy insect biodiversity: an assessment of forest health.

  2. Bio-systematics studies on parasitoid complex of sandal coccids and their utilization  in biological control.

  3. Studies on the sucking pest complexes of sandal and their management.

  4. Investigations on the resistance of commercially available Bamboo species in Karnataka, to borer pests and termites.

C. External funded projects completed:

  1. Conducted studies on pests of sandal (as sub project leader) and teak (as associate) under the World Bank FREE Project on sandal, Tree Improvement and Biological control of forest pests and participated in the planting stock improvement programme- 1994-2000

  2. Involved in the UNDP programme on agro-forestry of  teak and  monitoring the pest problems.1994-2000

  3. Worked as Co-investigator in the MOEF funded project, “Insect fauna of the  mangroves along Goa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh coast during 1997-1998.

  4. Bio-invasion, SPS measures and import of wood and wood products into India funded by TIFAC (DST) was undertaken from march, 2003 to sept.2004 as Co PI. Five important ports have been surveyed  and bioinvasive insects and fungi have been collected and studied.

  5. As PI, the project,”Introspection into the phytosanitary procedures for storage of forestry seeds in Karnataka”. Financed by  JBIC (Karnataka Forest Department)    has been completed and the draft final report has been submitted in November 2004.

  6. As PI, the project,”Field incidence and management of major pests of Neem and Pongam in Karnataka. financed by  JBIC (Karnataka Forest Department) has been  completed and the draft final report has been submitted in November 2004.

D. External funded projects in hand as Principal investigator:

  1. Community ecology of a detritus system:  Insects and fungi associated with fallen trees in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. Project  has been sanctioned  in March 2004 by the MoEF and it is on going since April, 04

E. External funded projects in hand as Co-Investigator:

  1. Studies on the entomofaunal diversity and their interactions in selected . provenances of sandal – MoEF project has been   ongoing since June, 2004.

  2. Investigations on lesser known aspects of mangrove biodiversity and ecology in the states of Goa, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.  (2004-2008). Ongoing since May, 2004.

F.  Supervision of Ph.D Research work

The research work of 3 candidates registered under the Ph.D Programme of Forest Research Institute (Deemed University) on the following topics is completed and 3 are awarded Ph.D degree.

  1. Insect diversity and insect plant relationships in mangroves of the West coast of  South   India.

  2. Nutritional evaluation of some important forest tees as a source of fodder for ruminants.

  3. Bioecology and management of teak heart wood borer Alcterogystia cadambae   (Cossidae – Lepidoptera).

The following research topics are being pursued by 6  candidates for Ph.D Degree of FRI, Deemed University. 

  1. Investigations on powder post beetle damage to block board and its management.

  2. Prospects of tasar culture in Karnataka and Kerala as a joint forest management practice.

  3. Studies on Ecotourism and Conservation with special reference to butterflies in coastal  Karnataka.

  4. Evaluation of the anti – insect activity of botanicals from selected forest plants.

  5. Diversity of insects in the emergent canopies of wet evergreen forests in Western Ghat.

  6. Biodeterioration of mangrove vegetation and their wood biomass- the role of marine organisms. 


Details of Research Papers Published:

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